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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Streamlogics Makes Sense of Multimedia Communications

As Gill brings together the best technologies for our clients, we align ourselves with specialist Advisors who offer unique solutions and add value to our core business, Real Estate Continuity. One of the Gill Advisors, Streamlogics enables organizations to improve communications in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

On May 6, 2003, we discussed the value of videoconferencing. This week, you will notice we have included a multimedia section on our research page that previews our new research papers. The platform we use is called TB2, a technology developed by Streamlogics. This platform really has to be experienced to fully appreciate its power and versatility. For the past several years, PowerPoint has become an organizational must-have. Beyond its obvious application in live presentations, it also can be used to create presentations that can be emailed to specific recipients.

The limiting factor of emailing a typical PowerPoint file is the recipients' inability sometimes to provide meaningful context to a number of muted slides if the received presentation is effectively presented on a one dimensionsal plane. Attachment size can also present a problem. Streamlogics' TB2 takes PowerPoint presentations to a new level. It is a platform that includes a presentation software window, a media player that provides voice or video of a presenter, as well as a resource center that allows the addition of attachments or links relevant to the presentation. All this is accomplished simply by including a web link in an email that takes the audience to Streamlogics, where the presentation is hosted. This really brings the auditorium to the recipient's desktop. You really ought to check it out to see how this technology could become part of your own communications toolkit.


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