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Thursday, January 08, 2004

New Gill Paper: The Bricks and Mortar of Planning

Last September we published a paper discussing the move toward smarter buildings. In it, we focussed on how various technologies or advances in design might help to mitigate the risks associated with events such as blackout. As we start the new year, we publish a new mini-paper - something we call "Continuity Briefs" - focussing on some of the construction and geological nuances of buildings and their ability to withstand natural events such as floods, fires and earthquakes. This seems to be a natural follow-up to last fall's paper and will provide a valuable overview in assessing the viability and stability of backup site selection.

Clearly, this is not my expertise, so we handed the reins of this one over to one of our Senior Principals, Dr. Ajit Gill. Dr. Gill's experience as a civil engineer (both as a consultant and a university professor) makes him the ideal authority on the subject. More importantly, this forum allows him to put his expertise to its current highest and best use as he presents the following paper: The effect of Unforeseen Disasters on Structural Stability.


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