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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Putting Smart Meters to Work

One of the themes we focussed on in our paper last fall on how the blackout might be the catalyst for smarter buildings, we suggested the widespread adoption of simple technologies such as 'smart' meters - i.e. devices that record the time when power is drawn as well as the amount of power used. The need for these devices was further reinforced in the various reports that came out during the last several months predicting a supply shortage for non-renewable power sources. We were pleased, therefore, to read the following piece that was reported this week.

I will be following up on the whole outsourcing/decentralization theme over the next few weeks as I travel to India, where I will explore the phenomenon and hopefully connect a number of dots that have remained unresolved in my mind. Stay close to the blog as I will report my findings periodically over the next four weeks.


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