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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Convention, a Vacation, and a Cuppa Joe

Given the tight security net that has been placed around Manhattan during this week's Republican National Convention, it's hardly suprising that many who work in the big apple have chosen to just stay away this week. A couple of posts ago we suggested this may be an opportunity for businesses to test out their business continuity plans. For organizations, it is also an opportunity to test the effectiveness of teleworking:
A survey of 54 Manhattan companies found that 49 percent plan to change workers' routines -- mostly by allowing them to do their jobs from home or from offices outside Manhattan. The rest said they plan "business as usual," according to the survey by CoreNet Global

Accenture told its workers in a memo that, while its midtown office on Avenue of the Americas, a mile from the Garden, will remain open, employees should consider working from home, a client's office, or from its two New Jersey offices.

Merrill Lynch & Co., the largest securities firm by capital, advised employees in a memo to expect traffic congestion and encouraged them to avoid car or bus travel into and around the city.
Where the legions of displaced workers will be doing their work is anyone's guess, but if they're not working in their offices, or their homes, guess where you'd be most likely to find them? If you said Starbucks, you'd be correct. In fact Starbucks is all about the experience, and has effectively created a place where people can meet, work, or just relax. It's not just about the coffee anymore.


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