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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Long-term Disaster Planning Pays Off

Any organization experiencing early success can become complacent and can make bad decisions after reaching their pinnacle. Clearly, this can have lingering consequences. Under such circumstances, the organization must be forward-looking, and not hope to rely on divine intervention.

Underscoring the need to have a solid business continuity plan to ensure ongoing operations, this requires:
1. forward-looking management that sometimes may need to make tough decisions that might alter the culture of the organization
2. a sound facility strategy
3. a sound plan to remain operational in the event of a disaster
4. persistence in execution and managerial skill even when it looks as though all is lost
5. a recognition that customers come first, and their needs must be addressed in the event of an unscheduled disaster

If these measures are logical enough, they can even be carried out by a bunch of idiots, and there’s a good chance that at some point – even 86 years in some instances – the payback on that strategy will be realized.


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