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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Donald Trump's Blog

One of the first challenges we had to tackle when we started the company in early '03 was putting up a website. After spending about a week laying out what I thought was a very intuitive framework, I ran it by one of our senior advisors, who immediately told me I had done nothing except create another web-based brochure. "Interactivity and discussion is key", he told me "instead of putting up another web-brochure, why don't you start a blog?" A blog? Now what the heck was a blog?

I was told that blogs were an emerging trend that "bloggers" would use to post personal thoughts. I was skeptical, but was assured that businesses would begin utilizing the medium in no time. Although few businesses were blogging at the time(remember, this is the spring of '03), apparently it would just be a matter of time.

Blogging moved from the fringes of obscurity to the mainstream when Howard Dean launched a blog as part of his 2004 bid for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Since then, it seems as though everyone's blogging. Even old school thinkers are realizing the strategic benefits associated with blogging - heck - even Donald Trump has jumped into the game, and seems much more economical in his words than we do at Gillblog:
My career is a model of tough, fair dealing and fantastic success--without shortcuts, without breaking the law.

See what I mean?