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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Carnival of the Capitalists blogs Gill

Carnival of the Capitalists #107, the weekly roundup of the best of the business blogs, has picked up a post from Gill Blog and nicely sandwiched it between two other posts that will be interesting to our readers here.
Professor Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, has some good ideas:
Some 21st Century Ideas on Energy and Employment

With gas prices skyrocketing, people are looking once again at ways to save energy. Unfortunately, while high gas prices bring back memories of the 1970s, the policy solutions that some people are bringing forth seem about as dated as shag carpets and leisure suits.

Tony Gill at the Gill Blog specializes in Workplace Continuity and has been writing about telework as a business continuity strategy:
Connecting Telework to Broadband, BCM and Gas Prices

I came across a piece the other day that was just fascinating, as the primary basis for justifying telework was made by correlating the costs of broadband with the cost of gas.

The Wired GC is thinking ahead:
Flu Pandemic and Disaster Planning

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have provided real-time stress testing for the disaster planning of many businesses. Not all have fared well; many are now doing things differently.

Amid the stories about a possible worldwide flu pandemic, one planning difference becomes apparent: while hurricanes and other severe natural forces impact people and physical structures, the flu only hits people. And keeps hitting–a flu pandemic comes in waves and can last for months.

We're working on something about business continuity planning for law firms, as well, which will be posted soon.