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Monday, August 18, 2003

Kunstler Knew

Some quotes from our conversation with James Howard Kunstler (July 29) worth revisting a few days after the big power outage:

" complaints about skyscrapers now extend to a consideration of whether we can even run them technically in the post cheap fossil fuel age which we are fast approaching. Office towers and the like are huge energy hogs -- between the HVAC and elevators -- and they may simply be unaffordable." (a picture says a thousand words)

"The electric grid may not be dependable twenty years from now"

"...mega enterprises are not going to survive the resource wars of this new century..."

"By the way, there ain't gonna be any hydrogen economy"

Kunstler's words can be put in a more meaningful context once we have a basic idea of how power grids actually work. If you didn't already read our discussion with James Howard Kunstler, it takes on much greater meaning following the blackout and the reactions over the past few days.


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