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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Real Life Continuity - It's a Boy!

Just after New Year's Day in 1999 I remember remarking to a group of friends that having child in this day and age must be so much more complicated than it was when we were all born in the 1960’s. A old college friend from Atlanta - Jerry Smith - took me to task by reminding me that this was precisely what our own parents had probably thought when we were born and what their parents thought a generation before.

He told me to think about world wars, social upheaval through the ages (both good and bad), waves of immigration and even the industrial revolution. “The world will always be complicated, Tone” he said, “but it’s up to us to provide continuity to our kids no matter how much things change – it’s not as though we’re the first having to adapt to change. Go with the flow, and along the way teach your kids well.” Those simple words made a lasting impression and today they take on added meaning.

I pause from business to use the blog to announce on behalf of my wife Simi and myself the birth of our son Shaan who was born this morning at 7:12, instantly making our four year-old Hana a big sister. We move forward understanding that we have little or no control of the events around us, but we do our best to teach valuable lessons to a new generation as we pass the torch of wisdom and experience to them. Clearly - continuity in its purest form. Welcome Shaan, the future is in your hands.


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