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Sunday, October 26, 2003

You Can Observe A Lot By Watching

The Florida Marlins winning the World Series is a fish story that's hard to believe. But it's a great story that was largely overlooked in the media frenzy surrounding the fabled Chicago Cubs and the legendary Boston Red Sox. On the day after the final game of the 2003 World Series, the media is still catching up on the stories they should have been writing about the Florida Marlins.

While most sports writers toss out their drafts about an expected Yankee win in Game 7 tonight, and search for words that explain the Marlins' unexpected win last night, it was nice to find this feature article about obscure World Series Trivia that has all but been forgotten.

And, as the media anticipates the changes in Yankee management, a play about a former Yankee manager called Nobody Don't Like Yogi opens off-Broadway today. Life goes on in the Big Apple.


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