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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Interrupting IBM's Announcement With More India Controversy

I was sitting here about to alert you to a piece I came across in Business Week introducing IBM's new Web-based software called Workplace. It seems IBM's platform is flexible, it hits the right note for the mobile worker and the timing is right on the money:
The IBM strategy isn't aimed at convincing corporations to tear out Microsoft software and replace it with something else. That's too risky a move for all but the most daring chief information officers. Instead, IBM plans on cohabitating with Microsoft on the desktop -- like a cousin from New York moving into your apartment in Seattle.
Interesting stuff indeed and very much in alignment with our workplace continuity initiative.

However, I couldn't help but notice this article in today's Economic Times about how the whole outsourcing saga is about to hit the big screen. Indeed, Santa Monica-based television producer Greg Spotts is working on his directorial debut "American Jobs" which provides a chronological look at the effect of outsourcing on American workers. My first reaction is that this might be a modern day spin on "", but beyond that, I will say that the phenomenon of pointing to places like India as the cause of the economy's woes is to say the least extraordinary.

After being in India now for almost a month, I have seen a place where outsourcing is just one of many businesses or segments that find themselves blossoming. I read in The Economist last week that if the U.S. were to cancel all outsourcing contracts to India, the cumulative effect on India's economy would barely register (somewhere in the order of 1-2%). I have a very good picture on the current state of affairs here in India, and remain convinced that moving some operational functions to places like India makes good sense for a number of reasons, including those related to business continuity. Stay close to this website, especially in the June to July timeframe, as a full analysis of the reality of India will be presented.


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