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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blog Gives Birth to a Website

Our loyal readers have followed this business blogging since early '03 (that's a dog's age in internet years). And, over the past few years, a small group of business leaders who shared our interests in what we now call "workplace continuity" has grown into a collaborative business, with a network of specialists working closely with clients in the public sector and in business, applying the latest thinking in business continuity planning.

We have continued to make the Gill Blog better, as we engage with our readers on topics of mutual interest. As our blog grew, and grew, our readers asked for a better way to find topics of interest to them, so we organized the Gill Blog Directory, which makes it easy to browse the blog if you just want to poke around in areas of special interest by topic headings. With the recent blog makeover, there's now a fresh opportunity to post comments, which is great, because there are some pretty sharp people we're meeting here, and the blog is an interesting place to share ideas.

As our business has grown, we've been building a corporate website that is really much more than a typical website because it has grown out of our experience with blogging. Like the Gill Blog, the website of Gill Advisors Inc. is a place on the worldwide web where our clients, colleagues and competitors can go regularly to find the latest thinking and more—research papers, articles, interviews and specialized seminars. We'll be talking more about all that in the days, weeks and months ahead. Like the blog, the website is a work in progress, so you'll find new stuff posted all the time. Like most bloggers, we don't like websites that are the same every time you visit, so the Gill website will grow with us.

The new website was conceived by bloggers. It wasn't created overnight but it was delivered on time and within a tight budget, largely due to the passionate dedication of our advisors, especially Anthony Crawford who mustered web design and construction in support of our business ideas, and made it all come together with the blog. As always, Gill has been helped by some of the best in the business, eschewing recognition for their unique contributions, which I'm personally very thankful for.


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