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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Campus Continuity for Educational Institutions

Have you heard the news? Gill Advisors Inc. has introduced Campus Continuity, a first of its kind, web-based risk management product targeted specifically toward the educational sector. Campus Continuity provides risk planners with the toolkit to construct an all encompassing risk management plan that combines key elements of emergency response planning, with business continuity management.

As the profile of business continuity planning increases, more industries become aware of the need to better shield themselves from the effects of disruptive events. This not only includes the need to adopt emergency management practices specifying safety procedures to follow during an emergency, but the measures required to minimize the physical, financial and business impact of such an event. The educational sector stands at the forefront of this movement.

Until now, educational administrators charged with the development of such programs have utilized the same risk management tools used in other sectors. Gill has just launched a new service that provides educational institutions with a fresh approach to this challenge called Campus Continuity. As Gill Advisors looked at what was available—actually, what clearly wasn't available for administrators of educational institutions—we saw the need for a more targeted solution.
"It is important that educational administrators move beyond a point where they are developing strategies that simply address and react to the emotional aspects of risk management” says Gill, “they need to move to a level that is more methodical, efficient and all-encompassing in its approach. We believe Campus Continuity provides the requisite approach to accomplish this.”

This is a first of its kind web-based consulting solution that provides educational administrators with the framework to build comprehensive risk mitigation programs (i.e. an emergency management program and business continuity plan) for their institutions. This is a subscription-based product that is accessible at, integrated with the website of Gill Advisors Inc. where, now, administrators of educational instituitons and their facility managers can easily access a complete range or solutions specifically created for them.

Campus Continuity is the world’s first program offering risk management solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions. It is structured to address the unique composition of all constituents at an educational institution, as well as the critical processes and operational flows that exist in an educational setting.

The platform synthesizes the strategic elements of location-based project work, with an auditorium-style seminar format using MyTalkback, an innovative technology platform provided by Streamlogics, a strategic partner in this venture. Unlike a conventional seminar that occurs once at a fixed location (i.e. one that is entirely dependent on location), the Campus Continuity seminars can be viewed over and over again by all team participants and accessed simply on a viewer’s desktop.

"The MyTalkback suite of web presentation products is the perfect solution for any web-based seminar series" says David Gascoine, VP Marketing and Operations at Streamlogics. "Using this technology, Campus Continuity is offering a level of access and availability never before available from traditional consulting services."

The entire program is divided into ten separate subject areas (or seminars), each of which consists of the following elements:

• An online seminar delivered on an anywhere/anytime basis for the duration of the client subscription period
• A detailed white paper that provides the foundation for the seminar
• An executive summary of the paper and presentation
• A detailed action plan that provides the planning team with a list of actionable items that can be carried out to address the issues presented in the seminar

Each of the supplementary documents can be downloaded and printed for distribution to all critical members of an institution’s planning committee.

We're really excited about the opportunity, using web-based technology, to get much-needed solutions distributed to widely-dispersed educational administrators. This is a very important sector that has not been well-served with business continutiy solutions, and we're pleased to offer Campus Continuity as the first of a series of web-based applications that is an important part of the Gill BCP offering.


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