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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Davis's Committment to Teleworking

Last summer we extensively reviewed the Congressional hearings on telework, sessions that linked risk management to teleworking. Yesterday, the following piece came out that reviewed where things stand a year later.
House Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) revisited the issue of emergency preparedness and telework for federal employees last month at a hearing on the government's progress on continuity of operations (COOP) planning.

Teleworking, it seems, will play an increasingly important role in providing essential services in the event of a crisis for the safety of its federal workers. Despite the urgency, adoption is still slow. In the article, Davis is quoted as making a direct link between continuity planning, teleworking and dispersion:
Davis said telework is an important component of continuity planning. By allowing employees to work from home or remote locations, government agencies can operate flexibly, and a dispersed workforce can maintain operations during an emergency.

"It is imperative that we incorporate telework into our government's continuity planning," Davis said.

These are familiar themes on this forum, and we will continue to monitor this situation closely.


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