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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Human Resources HR Continuity

As reported at Continuity Central online:
It is widely recognised that people are one of the prime resources that organisations have, but little attention is given to ongoing human resource protection in many business continuity plans.

Business Continuity, the Risk Management Expo advertises itself as the only exhibition in the UK dealing with all these aspects of business continuity:

* Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Chemical attack
* Surveillance and physical security,
* IT and telecoms continuity
* Brand reputation
* Human resources continuity

HR Continuity is a broad subject, and an economically important one too, as a new report released by the UK Health and Safety Executive on the subject of self-reported work-related illness in 2003/2004 highlights the economic cost of one area of human resources continuity, that of work-related illness.