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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

International Safety & Security Conference 2006

Noting our recent publication in the July/August 2005 issue of Facility Management Journal, the Fall 2005 issue of The Public Manager, and our upcoming publication in the early spring of 2006 by the Journal of Facilities Management in the U.K., Gill has been scheduled to speak and participate in a workshop at the upcoming International Safety & Security Conference in New York City, presented by Emergency Corps.
This gathering of professionals addresses advanced strategies and best practices for the development and ongoing maintenance of corporate emergency management and business continuity programs in the context of integrated risk management. Participants will learn both proven strategies as well as new and evolving trends. Proceedings will focus on how to prepare organizations for the future in a changing world. Professionals will share the strategies they have successfully employed.

The conference focus will be application-oriented insights from professionals, with presentations designed to go beyond the basic conceptual overview, and will address successful operational strategies, policies and procedures, and emerging trends.

Anyone planning to attend this conference next February who would like to meet with me to share ideas, while in New York City, is more than welcome to give me a call to arrange our schedules.