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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Integrating Risk, Continuity, Preparedness at ISSC 2006

As I have been feverishly preparing for a trip this coming week to Washington and New York, I was notified by the main organizers of the upcoming International Safety and Security Conference in New York (where I will be speaking this week about connection points between business continuity and real estate strategy), that one of the main themes of the gathering will be integration. By this, they are intending to take preparedness and continuity planning to a level where many functional areas are connected on a uniform platform.

This seems to be the direction where things are headed in this space. Before too long, planners will have a much better understanding about tangible connection points between business continuity, emergency preparedness, disaster recovery, risk management, and even real estate policy converge in one plan.

Should be an interesting gathering and I'll be sure to provide some highlights upon my return.


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