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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Bushwhacking the Brits

President Bush is aboard Airforce One jetting his way across the Atlantic for a three-day State Visit to the UK (the last "State" visit - one that includes free lodging at Buckingham Palace - was made by President Wilson in 1918). When plans for the trip were made, it was expected to be a little more celebratory in tone, given the wide-spread belief that the war in Iraq would be "mission accomplished" and Blair and Bush could parade "shoulder to shoulder" through the streets of London. As it turns out, the "parade" is off-limits to the hordes of protesters expected. Amidst the uncertainty, officials from both the US and the UK have prepared themselves for protests.

However, it seems Britons have more than one issue on their minds. I came across this article today that describes a simmering trade war between the US and some of its European trading partners. Amazingly, the Bush Administration has encouraged US multinationals in Britain to "bring jobs home" by cancelling contracts and relocating those activities back to the US. This is simply amazing. I understand there is an election coming in '04, but to turn the clock back 70 years and revert to an outdated protectionist model, for the sake of some votes is astounding. This sounds very much like the flawed logic we have been talking about here recently.

It is not as if this policy is being encouraged in order to put a rogue regime in line; but instead it is being imposed against a most important ally, long-time trading partner, and the country that has stood side by side with America in its war against terrorism. Is Britain getting Bushwhacked?


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