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Thursday, May 20, 2004

On the Way Home With Lots to Discuss

Just left India yesterday, and I currently find myself in the midst of a 36-hour stop in the Netherlands. This India story is much much bigger than I anticipated. There is so much information to pass on that I just can't do justice to even beginning to talk about the information that was gathered. What I can say is this, I got a much more comprehensive picture of the story by being right in the midst of the action, and meeting with a truly amazing array of experts from a broad range of fields.

This list not only included IT and BPO-oriented firms, but I also received some valuable input from a prominent legal scholar (a former legal counsel for Indira Gandhi who has presided over much of the changes in the legal system that have taken place since economic liberalization), the managing director of the Indian operation of a global real estate services firm, multiple BPO operators who have set up shop in second tier cities, prominent participants in the financial sector, political analysts, as well as academics who have imparted their knowledge on how cultural and educational factors have fuelled what can only be called a breathtaking rise.

Can't wait to share with you what I found.


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