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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"Business Oscars" Shine Spotlight on BCP

Like many people who get so absorbed in a project, I often find myself simply assuming that those around me are just as involved. Take my wife for instance. I don't know how many times I have asked for her input on some small detail relating to what I'm doing, only to have her stare back at me with a steady poker face not truly letting on that she really couldn't be bothered one way or another. Faces tell alot - although she won't admit it, I still don't think my wife knows what I do, and for that matter anything about business continuity.

I suppose that's okay for her - she's got enough things to think about during her day. Besides, she has me to turn to in the event the plumbing springs a leak. I wonder, however, how good this type of blissful naivete is for small businesses. The following article points out that like my wife, many small businesses have a tough time making sense of it all, but may not let on -- all the while keeping their poker faces intact:
"Despite the high profile which business continuity and disaster recovery issues have in the media and industry today, these interim findings indicate that too many UK companies fail to have a clear overview of what business continuity actually means..."

That's a little scary for sure, but for a small business the question is where do they start? Of course you might start by laying out some very basic fundamentals, but creating a greater awareness is key.

I was intrigued by this piece from the U.K. that provided some details of the upcoming "The Business Oscars" - better known as the National Business Awards programme, an event that "will recognise businesses for their entrepreneurship and innovation, in a business climate that is often perceived as being unfriendly towards smaller companies." The event will be taking place in London on the 8th of November. What makes this particularly intriguing is the manner in which they are highlighting the importance of business continuity planning to a SMEs:

The AXA SME of the year award also seeks to highlight the importance of management excellence in maintaining a successful business today and continuing to grow it in the future. Considering a startling 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months, therefore it is vital that SMEs have a business continuity plan in place, as part of their overall management strategy.

This sounds like a great way to spread the gospel of BCP to a wider audience - it also sounds like a great opportunity for my wife and I to take that trip to London we have always spoken about.


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