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Monday, April 10, 2006

Managing Mobile Technology

How much is too much? This is the theme of this recently published article that highlights some of the downsides associated with being too plugged in to the gadgets that create the anywhere, anytime office. Just how many options do we have today? Consider the following:
Consider how many devices and technologies are used to stay in touch: wireless e-mail devices; Wi-Fi laptops loaded with e-mail, office suite, time entry and various practice applications; cell phones; hands-free headsets; a lot of cables (laptop power brick, modem, Ethernet, universal serial bus, FireWire, audio, iPod charger, cell phone charger and personal digital assistant charger); home, office and cell phone voice mail accounts; professional and personal e-mail accounts; office, PC and Internet faxes; text messaging; instant messaging; replicated e-mail account on your laptop’s hard drive for offline reading; Virtual Private Networks, Citrix or other remote access software; camera phones, digital cameras and portable scanners; and a prepaid Starbucks card (for a liberal dose of Wi-Fi and caffeine).

Inevitably, we will move toward a more mobile office, but as this happens, it is important to manage the transition. This piece provides an excellent roadmap.


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