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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pandemic Planning Websites

As governments and private enterprise are becoming more aware of the urgency for pandemic plans to be put in place, many are now setting up dedicated websites to not only provide up to date information on planning, but setting out specific guidelines to follow. A good example of this can be found at Mercer Consulting's dedicated site.

I came across two government-sponsored sites as well this week that are worth a closer look. The first was put up by the State of Pennsylvania and it provides a number of useful links that might help planners organize resources and begin mapping out a plan. Similarly, the Province of Ontario has undertaken a similar strategy with its own site (you may want to download the 15-page PDF which provides a very good summary).

It's good that everyone's now getting on board with this issue. The challenge now is to take the concepts that are presented from a 40,000 foot view (such as the information offered on these sites), and take it down to a level where the rubber actually hits the road.


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