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Monday, December 01, 2003

Reader Email

As we recover from the annual Thanksgiving hangover (as well as all the typical non-turkey hallmarks of the holiday) we briefly turn our attention away from the items of the day and address some feedback issues. Recently, I received an email from a dedicated visitor who said the following:
“Although I commend you for the effort you have made in discussing a broad range of issues, I am a little confused by how some of your topics, namely business process outsourcing, are related to your core business; I thought this was all about bridging real estate strategy to business continuity planning – isn’t this a bit of a reach?.”
A good question, and I am glad that someone finally asked it. I started this business using the research I had conducted to propose that decentralization, whether it is executed on a small or a large scale will become an important strategic area that organizations will increasingly consider in the coming months and years.

This item, recently published in the Houston Business Journal confirms that multiple locations play a key role in contributing to a comprehensive business continuity plan. Whether those locations are situated in a nearby building to a far away continent depends on the complexity of the plan. In the process of creating redundancy, an organization can also yield tremendous savings in its overall cost structure.

The issues surrounding decentralization are broad indeed, and the range of topic as we move forward will only expand.


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