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Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Soothing Quality of Colour in the Case of Crisis

After settling down in a familiar environment after a productive trip, it's time to return to a familiar theme. When one thinks of an emergency recovery site, an image that might come to mind is that of a bunker, with concrete walls, sterile interiors and bare-bones amenities. Synstar, an Edinburgh-based company that specializes in devising IT risk management strategies for its clients has taken the notion of recovery sites to the next level, with, well colour and interiors, as described in this company press release:
"The intended to be welcoming, warm and calming. This has been achieved through the use of colours that have been proven by psychologists to help people adjust more quickly to their new surroundings and become productive more immediately than other recovery centres allow"
If this indeed proves successful, look for this to prompt other significant players within the space to follow suit with a fresh emphasis on interior ergonomics. One might suspect that free non-fat lattes and biscottis couldn't be that far behind.


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