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Monday, September 15, 2003

Research Paper Links Power Outage to Office Buildings

In the month following the great northeast blackout of August 14, we have read numerous reports covering the implications of the event from many angles. From an editorial point of view, one of the easiest ways to provide coverage to the story is to stay focussed on the problems associated with the supply side of the equation. In this case, the supply side is represented by the places where power is generated and supply chain required that get that power to you and I.

Quick, how many people have you encountered in the past month who have made reference to the problems with "the grid"? Oh, energy pundits and office cooler jockeys alike, love talking about the grid.

Why this focus on the grid? Simply because, from the supply side, we needn't dig too deeply to uncover problem points that need to be addressed. There is a small network of energy providers, and an integrated North American grid that supplies power; the need for substantial investigative research is minimized. Focussing on the demand side, however (i.e. the users of power), is a little more difficult. Because we all use power, where the heck do we turn to uncover inefficiencies -- there are countless opportunities to take personal responsibility for energy conservation.

With our committment to bridge the chasm between real estate strategy and business continuity planning, Gill fast-tracked a study we had been conducting throughout the summer, which was originally intended to be released in November. We're pleased to make this detailed study available today in its entirety on our research page.


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