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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Teleworking Becomes Focus of Congressional Hearing

If you've been following the blog and reading the research on this site, you are well aware of the emphasis we have been placing on fundamental workplace issues including teleworking. Indeed teleworking's profile has substantially increased given organizations' greater emphasis on managing risk . I thought it was timely therefore, when I received this press release detailing what's happening tomorrow in the United States House of Representatives. At 10:15 in the morning a hearing chaired by Congressman Tom Davis will commence on teleworking. This byline from the press release says it all:
Government Reform Committee to Examine Telecommuting within Federal Workforce; Yesterday's "Win-Win" Human Capital Tool is Today's Homeland Security "Must"
Let's see here, tying teleworking to managing risk and in order to keep organizations continually operational. Sounds familiar.


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